To be a freelancer girl in Egypt

People in the Middle East are yet to understand remote work and freelancing, you tell your siblings that you’re working right now, and they insist on asking you about your opinions in life, and getting you inside conversations you don’t want to be in.

Then when you really snap at them, and after this moment of silence passes, the most clever one of them comes to you and say: So what is that you do?

That’s when you decide to leave home and become a nomad!

One of the greatest advantages of being a freelancer is the freedom of location, although you’d be like an addict to a WIFI wherever it is. because let’s face it, without it, you’d be out of a job!

The advantages of being a freelancer girl in Egypt:

  • You are your own boss. You don’t have to butter up for any bosses. you send back the file to your client, take your money and everybody is happy!
  • You don’t have to wake up every morning. Having to go through transportation in Egypt nowadays is a heroic act I could never do and stay sane and smile to customers at the same time!
  • Work in my Bj’s. Obviously!
  • Lunch break is actually a lunch break, not just some break to eat snacks and junk food!
  • No harassment ! YAY! When you go out to change scenes in the weekend, you’ll be ready to answer any stupid moron who isn’t raised well, I can’t imagine doing that everyday going to work and coming back from it! It’s just too much to endure as a woman wants to live in peace feeling she can walk in the streets!
  • Choose your own time, your own pace. If you don’t want to work for a week or a month, that’s fine, you can compensate it later, just don’t involve in long term contracts and you’ll be fine.

Disadvantages of being a freelancer in Egypt:

  • If you don’t have a declared office space at home, you’re just a girl hitting on the keyboard of a laptop! everyone will distract you somehow.
  • No insurance, but that doesn’t matter, Freelancers usually don’t get sick! :(
  • No association or communities to go to or be part of, except for a few Facebook groups here and there.
  • No work colleagues, and everyone you know is in a different country and probably will never talk to again.
Stay tuned, I’ll talk about freelancing in Egypt more in future blogs.

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