Adwords Manager Account


Google is trying to make the management of your ad-words campaigns easier, if you’re a marketer managing a few client’s accounts, you can easily now sign up for one business account manager that will save you mane logins from different accounts.

Don’t mix that with the campaigns group management. the latter is for managing the different ads within the same business unit.

You’ll notice a few changes from your personal ad-words account because you can actually manage up to 5 other adwords accounts. Conversions are now available clearly in different versions to track every click coming through your ads, telling you how is your ad doing and if your money is well spent or if you need to change some particulars in your ad.

For example, if you’re a Pizzeria or a Spa, it’s better to add a phone call conversion, if you’re marketing for a marketing agency, you can use the website conversions (Sign ups, register.. etc) depending on your final goal of the ad.


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