SEO Negative Side Effects

SEO = Marketing!

SEO used to be just a part of marketing, and there wasn’t all this hassle about SEO, nor the jobs being dedicated to getting to the first page of Google search. Good content was simply getting into the top.

but with the huge amount of websites, stores and blogs and tendency of businesses to exist online, and online-only-based businesses came huge amount of information across the web.

Each website, especially those which monetize their websites and rely solely on the amount of traffic like games and movie sites, want to exist on the top of the mountain for every web-surfer to see first thing.

Have you heard about the fake restaurant that got on top of SE and topadvisor?

Black Hat SEO

Buying so many links is like peeing all over the place to mark their territory, without considering to be relevant nor having a quality, I started to check at least first 3 pages and enhance my query of search each time i get glory results and lots of 5 stars for any service, because, how do i know if they are real or the business just have a really result oriented SEOer who doesn’t care about quality? or a company who doesn’t care about the business as long as they pay their retention for SEO monthly?

SEO Tricks, What to do as a consumer?

  1. Search Smart

When you search for something, make sure to choose different search queries, for example, if you’re searching about flight tickets from Cairo to Pairs, the first thing will come to mind is “Tickets from Cairo to Paris”, check also “Air tickets Cairo – Paris”, “Cheap flights Cairo to Paris”. and check the results.

You might know before about the best airlines and what to choose, so start from there.

     2. Be careful with the reviews

Some businesses hire people just to give them a 5 stars reviews, so be a savvy reader and keep this in mind when reading a review:

  1. Does the reviewers talk in general about the company or mentioning specific details?
  2. Do they have real photos? dig deeper and open their profiles and check if they have so many reviews on different locations? or just 5* reviews for different locations? or just this one? for the two latest options, they are probably fake profiles! a normal profile would have different reviews to different locations with a varied range of stars and a tune of posting.
  3. Check the genuine tune of the review, either super bad or super great can be fake (a competition or an employee).

Of course, you won’t do that EVERY single time you’re searching for something, just be careful before taking a big decision based on your search queries, like choosing a partner oversees or a company to invest in, or a plastic surgery clinic!

What do real SEOers do?

They are just really good marketers, they care about your business by being a part of your team, they will focus on making happy customers for you instead of creating fancy online profiles and fake traffic.

They will help you look better online, serve your customers better, how to take corrective measures and measurable actions towards your long term success.


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