Real Assets Vs Fake Assets

Have you heard the famous saying: a home is the biggest asset you can have? Why people tend to buy their own homes the first thing when they get a little more cash in their pockets? Or even they take loans and pay mortgages to own a home or a car? It’s not to be safe between four walls of their own, that is – of course – one of the reasons, the other one, the big one is, as they say: because your home is your biggest asset. Let’s go back to basic accounting definition of an asset, which says: An Asset is a property that generates revenue, or: “an item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies.” [1] Ops! What is the revenue that is generated by my asset which is my home that I live in? Or my car that I feed every day

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