The guy downstairs

Well, I don’t know how to start this. I take mental illness very seriously and never joke about it. I’m not even sure this person is mentally ill.

So, we have a neighbor across the street who owns a small shop. He thrives at turning the radio loudly after midnight, and I have no idea why. Sometimes he screams about pain in his legs.

He keeps his routine every day for a while and then disappear for a couple of days and returns back stronger!

A few months ago after 2 am, I was suffering from severe anxiety and sleep disorders, he turned the radio so loud that I was about to go make a scene. Instead, I called the police. I explained the situation and waited for someone to come and solve it. Little did I know, this was Egypt. Of course no one came.

Some neighbors went to talk him into shutting down the radio.

Now that I’m all better and feeling the need to help. Everyone is telling me not to talk to him or even get too close.

All I think of is, how there’s no one to talk to about this? Who’s responsible for a citizen when he’s at this level of, well, I told you I take mental health very seriously. So, no NGO or any body?

I’m mentally exhausted in this country.


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