The Short Term Solution


“In Mathematical equations, some of differential equations solutions, if we want to find a solution for an equation with some specific conditions, the time variable cannot be inclusive as long term in the equation. We can find the solution that we want with the best conditions only in the short term, otherwise we will have a weak solution that might or might not be the best on the long run”

Why? well, simply because we’re not Gods!

I was talking to a friend who is lost trying to find himself traveling all around the world for a few years now, telling him that I want to do the same because I feel lost. I think the pressure of all the technology and relationships gap between generations and the stressful careers and high competition make us feel like that. We lose the purpose and the goal and become nomads. Not as a cool way of living anymore as much as it becoming our identity even if we never travel. We are nomads on Earth. Losing the meaning of everything and trying to find our souls somewhere in the world.

So, back to mathematics, because it is the most sound thing that one can always rely on. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. Focus on short term solutions. The globe is changing a lot and you cannot do everything in your list in one month or one year. so focus on the relevant short term plans, baby steps.
  2. Focus on the Needs, not the desires. Desires get us all over the place and make us feel helpless and incapable of  success. That is why you should focus on what you need and how to get it done one step at a time.
  3. Find your support system. It’s important to be surrounded by supportive positive and like-minded people who can tell you the ugly truth to your face and still be on your side no matter what. They’re not easy to find, but you can start by finding a community that share your interests and go from there!

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