Why Landing Pages are required for your business?

I always advise my clients to separate their landing pages from their home pages when they are heavily investing on Google ads. Customers need to feel that you’re a live and dynamic. That you’re making an effort to attract them, it gives them a hint that you’ll do your best to retain them and make them happy.

You also need to offer something after paying for their click, and offers are not always suited to show on your home page.

Cases you need a different landing page from your home page:

  • You are declaring a new product or service 

you can’t just let your customers visit your home page without directing them to what you (and they) want and looking for, if you’re not paying for ads to convert customers, you can just choose GDN (Google Display Network), you know these ads that show everywhere? You could be one of those on the related websites or businesses to your products or services. Competition should be fair.

But if you’re paying for SN (Search Network), you have to be very careful and picky!

  • You are giving away promotions or some shopping coupons

Obviously! even if you’re flashing it on your home page, the new visitors should understand it and your happy customers will smile and buy again.

  • Your ad is focused on a specific product among your collection

You can’t make your home page all about the new cool Key Catch, one of KeySmart products for example. so you need another LP dedicated to each specific product.

Choose your objective and everything will follow smoothly.

  • You are investing big time on Google ads, different campaigns, particular segments or you are targeting a vast audience. 

If you are targeting two different locations with different languages, offering different promotions or declaring different services for a bit not related keywords.. etc you should handle your LP precisely and you can have multiple LPs for each ad campaign.

I came a cross a brilliant landing page recently, I was searching for MOZ (I am that lazy with typing in the bar directly) and I found out a paid ad for SERanking, both are strong competitors and both are respectful, check out the landing page with me:

You can visit the landing page link here: 

Check the URL articulation: /worthy-moz-alternatives.html and you can see it’s very light, given it’s just an HTML page..


Landing pages are just bridges to your website and your offers, they should tell your customers what you offer in a short quick nice attractive language, you are trying to convert your potential customers to be happy customers and retain them and acquire new ones and that’s what you’re doing by choosing your landing page very carefully.


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